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Niche Research


Saki Says...

Yikes - this is a VERY competitive niche but if you had a blog in the health niche you could potentially make a lot of money!

Interpreting the Results

The Keyword Competition Tool shows two values: a Competition Score and a Popularity Score.

Competition Score is an estimation of how much competition there is in this niche and how difficult it might be to get traffic from the major search engines if you had a blog in this niche. In other words it is an assessment of how difficult it would be to get in the top 10 search results for that keyword. It is expressed as a percentage (100% = most competitive).

Niche Saturation Score is an estimation of how many bloggers are actively blogging in this particular niche. It is also expressed as a percentage (100% = lots of people blogging about this niche, 0% = almost nobody is blogging about this niche). More show that bloggers are much more active in this niche. If you see mostly then it is likely that there aren't many bloggers blogging about this particular niche. This is definitely a good thing, as you will have less competition to worry about. However, it's likely this niche may be less suitable for running solo ads, as you may struggle to find enough related lists on which to run your offers.